Ruben C. Arslan

HIBAR: Effects of acetaminophen on risk taking (with virtual balloons)

Had I Been A Reviewer.

Mis-allocated scrutiny: a quick simulation

Below I document my simulation code underlying an upcoming blog post at The 100% CI.

HIBAR: Sex‑Differentiated Changes in Sexual Desire Predict Marital Dissatisfaction

Had I Been a Reviewer. Actually, I was a reviewer. Huh! So, how did this turn out?

Correction to Arslan et al. (2019).

Some additional information on the correction notice for _Using 26,000 diary entries to show ovulatory changes in sexual desire and behavior_ that appeared today.

Tympanic temperature and social connectedness

Re-examining a reported association between physical temperature and social connectedness.

HIBAR: How methods and practices changed after the replication crisis in social psychology

Had I Been a Reviewer. A post-publication peer review with some added figures.

Who initiates sex?

A chicken-and-egg-question?

Sexual activity by time of day

Examining when women in our diary study were sexually active.

Measuring contraception

How we measured methods of contraception, reasons for using different contraceptives, and fertility awareness.

Intra-individual feedback

Thinking through an intra-individual menstrual cycle feedback.

Do single mothers have a stronger influence on their kids?

And how would you test that?

The Golden Age of Never Finishing Anything

Serialising the results from our sex diary study.

Genetische Analysen implizieren keineswegs Unmenschlichkeit – im Gegenteil

Genetische Unterschiede sind ein Argument für den Sozialstaat

Revised: Are studies that replicate cited more?

Looking at the RPP to bring data to a discussion

New rational athletics for boys and girls.

Accounting for mistakes in my scientific work and announcing a bug bounty program.

Are big studies cited more?

Does sample size predict number of citations?

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